Scottt Raven


Hosting Parkside Lounge, Hell Phone for InspiredWordNYC 

Accepting submissions for Milkshakespeare’s DeliveryDIGESTan anthology of food related poems for the soul and other lyrical nourishment through September 30th, 2016

Now Booking Readings and Feature Spots for 1. Sconnettts/ Beyond Sconnettts; a humorous and heartfelt Shakespearean Show on relationship woes and wohs. 2. The Polygons, a Dali-esque reading of Oulipo inspired poems and virtual surreality workshop on writing from you subconscious mind. 3. Sports Stories; Mostly true tales of Running, Punning and Jose Canseco. 

Touring new poems w/Mayhem Poets. Contact to have us visit your school!

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015


Upcoming Events

October 1 Storytelling at the SUGAR HILL Museum 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Celebration

October 6th HUM II Samuel Compers Campus Mayhem Poets Show

October 7th PinkSpeak Breast Cancer Fundraiser Feature 

October 10th Parkside Lounge Hosting

October 11th Parkside Lounge Hosting

October 13th Hosting We Heart Writers Night, Parkside Lounge

October 14th Reading, PA show with Cary Goldberg

October 18th Hosting Parkside Lounge

October 21 Mayhem Poets School time Series

Summer ’16 Events:

August 9th Parkside Lounge

August 11th We Heart NYC Writers Parkside Lounge

August 22nd Mayhem Poets at MercyHurst University

August 29th 7-10pm Open Mic at MISTHarlem

September 8th Parkside Lounge

September 16th Scottt at Serenity Adult Care Facility, (Pictures coming soon!)

September 22nd Mayhem Poets at Trenton Thunder Baseball Stadium

September 26th Middle School Show afternoon/ Parkside Lounge evening




M.I.L.K.S.H.A.K.E… 9 clip playlist.

Help make this M.I.L.K.S.H.A.K.E.’s…S.P.E.A.R.E. appear!!!!

Episodes are written and looking to begin shooting Winter 2017

U.S. OPEN promo poem

I AM NOT MICHAEL PHELPS at the Three of Cups

OH, I RHYME! filmed by Ailish Elzy at EWU

DA’ MEANING excerpt from S.W.A.P.