Three Teas

At any moment on any day I could go for any one of the following Three Teas.

3. A mint tea with fresh mint leaves leaves me minty-fresh-breathless, but a Whittard of Chelsea peppermint tea from the U.K. is pretty hard to beat.

2. A Thai Ice-Tea in Brooklyn or Bangkok, there’s really no beating the delicious blend of sugar, coconut milk and brilliantly brewed black tea served chilled or with ice in a see-through bag or towering glass.

1. Only Tracy Marrow AKA Ice-T who’s been ‘cop killing it’ since the 80’s with his controversially clever hip-hop lyrics and songs could continue his full-fledged ‘home invasion’ to return every week to our TV’s on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit as NYPD Detective Fin Tutola. For ‘surviving the game’ from the golden age of hip-hop til now, Ice-T gets this Scottts top spott for number one T.

(Runner ups and honorable mentions include a Snapple Compassionberry Iced Tea, Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai, homemade chai masala or a decent cardamom tea from Darjeeling, India)

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Actor, Author, Poet.

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