Embarking Up A New Tree Falling In The Forest

Does “it” make a sound when used grammatically erect inside slip and slides lying to our children. Get up off of the floor routine and olympic roll gold before your flexibull-shit shits on us one last time.

Panic roommates fix the joke alarms and thread the haystacks before Flash Gorton takes the picture of the fish sticks. I can only do this twice, five is dead but the forth times a blow pop, so when fellating father-time suck seeds out the pomegranate.

Pillow fighting hard boiled eggheads only cracks up sidewalk sweepers. Tetanus shooting basket ball players is illegal in this state of mind. I walked right into a bat once. Water Polio vaccines are being administered by ministers inside a nearby Wallgreens.

Gummi Bears can’t complain about porridge temperatures, but three little police officers lost their houses in Big Bad Sandy. Snow White falls bright when visible rays of light wave at black magicians making sound disappear.


Deaf con-artists working for Verizon can’t hear me plow fields of dreams. Blind doctors can’t see certain sections at the baby basketball game. In a fight for more pacifiers, the commissioner issues three-hole punched grenades without bowling pins. Lebron Jameson Whiskey opens hearts to Cavaliers fearing abandonment and wins.

Diphthongs are difficult for Vanna White as well as “ñ.” Oolong tea takes too long to steep and marshmellow peeps are people too! Get over yourself in yoga class and treat your fecal matter better.

Oncologically speaking Spock’s cancer spread quicker on planets further from the sun. Captain Kirk Cameron was left behind in a ditch made for two. Beam me up, future version of myself I have a poem to share with you.

About Scottt

Actor, Author, Poet.

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