Two Poem Sconnettts Preview

The following poems appear in Sconnettts 51 Shakespearean Sonnets now available to purchase through PayPal and Amazon.

11. Inanimate Intimacy From An Inability To Move
In love with the inanimate object
of my affection, like a C-section
changed to an E-section from an abject
incision of hit and misdirection.
Just like painted mirrors lack reflection
she’s chosen to avoid a position
of transition blindly disrespecting
nearly everything i’m wishing.
Two drawings you saw in teen magazines
of stick figures standing toothpicks apart,
we’re trapped in freeze frames of etch-a-sketch scenes
where the artist is armless and can’t start.
Meanest de Milo, most unable to
shake things up for us to embrace the view.

For Arnold
40a. Schwarzeneggerean Sonnet
My mistress’ eyes are everything like my son.
Clorox far more clear than my head was here,
if Maria comes home early, I’m done.
If beds are made, my dear Mildred is near.
I have seen sheets dirtied then quickly cleaned,
but a housekeeper with dirty secrets,
this Last Action Hero has never seen.
Raw Deal on 80 thread count of regret.
Commando slept around without much thought.
Get down from the washer! Will I be back?
Kindergarten Copped a feel and got caught.
Running Man’s movie career now off track,
while Shriver has been put through the dryer,
even True Lies, still make me a liar.

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