Nasal Passages

Woke up to kind of smell the roses as I went to the ear, nose and throat doc yesterday

to imperfectly hear some of the same options I’ve kinda heard countless times before…

“Yes, your septum is severely deviated and you have less than 25% breathing through your left nostril. Now I could perform ssurgery, but because of your exceedingly small nasal passages, there’s a strong chance your right nostril will then become a problem and well, you’ll be back to square one.”

 Just not a square one that’s equal on all sides

or the same from all angles and made from the image of G-d.

Oh, to have a fully functioning, easy breathy, beautiful under-inflated stated, straight as an arrow schnaz.

‘What are my options?

“Well Scott, you can just deal with it. I too am a mouth breather and know how you feel. You can try breathe-right strips, nightly saline solutions and this here prescription, but none of these will permanently correct your problem. Or  you can get a brand new nose, but it will cost you an arm and a leg.”


Really? One sparkly and smooth new appendage to lose two doesn’t sound fair to me.

My doctor recommends a plastic surgeon who can perform a complete rhinoplasty uncovered by insurance in the realm of 10-20k,

so I deep breathe (through my mouth) and leave.

Click for how my NOSE came to be.

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