METAPHORCAST 7 Reign in Heaven

for PRINCE; forever under the weather. 

From me to you this is Scotty T Storm with a Royally blue…Metaphorcast.

Good music is a drowning gymnast as the final color in the rainBowie
has flipped upside down to frowning Grimace.
But the sky’s the limit, and with the aid of a pilot I’m a drop grape juice
so it may precipitate shades of violet.
Which is why instead of drifting off course
I’ve taken to an airplane as a means of air lifting closer to the source.

If you’re looking for clear skies you’re gonna have to plug into your third iTunes – somewhere between heaven, hell and some unheard of moons.

I’m trying to go through Pandora’s BLACK box.
Wondering who really appropriated hip-hop and JACKED rock.
Down there all you can hear is the distant melody of Mother Earth’s cold castle,
an echo’s JESTER.
Ever since the KING of Pop and now PRINCE left her,
who’s left holding the scepter?

Which QUEEN’ll rain supreme to take the throne into the great beyond…
Say, who refuses to stay in the shade when it deluges lemonade?
As she crashes through that ceiling, like Bullock coming in for a landing, fast.
Gotta ask, women of the world, who wants a glass?

This is Scotty T Storm with this week’s Metaphorcast!


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