Metaphorcast 8 The Cast

This week metaphor-CAST has it’s advantages, but left me in bandages.
Let me know if you think of a better way to heal faster,
cuz van dammage control has me wrapping for real…in plaster.
So as I try and move forth from a pseudo divorce,
I’ll be kickboxing bad habits with judo force.
And I’m not here to out anyone,
especially me being a feminist who deeply respects them,
it’s just that I had no choice but to join
the X-men.

Now, I’m not here to beef or milk this with a speedy apology
Even though I’m an oxymoronic vegan into meatier-ology.
I’ve Halle Berry-ied the hatchet, the storm has passed,
and there’s a cold out there, but I’m trying not to catch it.
I guess I need to wake up and smell the gluten free flour.
Hey, I’m clean and my hyJean’s not so grey I’m refuting showers,
I just think its time I get back in touch with my mutant powers.
The professor marked the Scottt and even missing jewels,
there’s still treasure of mind to mine.
To put the pedal to the metal, to magnetize and shine.

But when an apocalypse scares, how does a wolverine repair?
The hermit hides, the beast fights, the cyclops stares
and the spoke and word artist resigns to his bike.

Look, I’m fine as long as I can travel and make things,

Write. Write, write, write, write, write.

And even if I miss a bath or two,
my number hasn’t come up yet,
so next time
I’m dropping math on you.

This is Scotty T Storm with this week’s metaphor-Cast.


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