Welcome to my website, I implore you to explore, Sconnettts, videos and more. It will feature odd facts about Scottt, Spott and some rants and ramblings from across the United States with the Mayhem Poets. 

For instance:

  • Scottt once kept his hair in a zip lock bag thumbtacked to a wall.
  • Spott is Scottt’s imaginary man’s best friend, but Scottt is convinced he’s real.
  • Scottt’s scared of other people that are scared of spiders.
  • Spottt is scared of Willy Wonka and Peter Pan.
  • Scottt’s car is painted invisible and his television is probably bigger than yours.
  • Spottt can drive stick, but chooses not to and fits comfortably inside Scottt’s bike basket.
  • Scottt’s goatee is agoraphobic, may have alopecia and has difficulty connecting.
  • Scottt’s read 75% of the books on his bookshelf, is currently writing this and drinks carrot juice more than beer or wine.


This blog passes no judgements but offers judges mints who have bad breadths of understanding of the human condition. Its thirst amendment will quench the curiosity of all killable cats. Nine lives of rhyme sprinkled with a reason seasoning sure to spice up your life, your liver and your right or left-overs from yesterday’s dinner. Absurd is the word, Scottt attempts to make sense of nonsense, punconsciously illuminating truths without the use of lie detectors, water-boarding and/or retractable nose pieces. So collect the interest on your insecurity deposit and re-lease your heart’s apartment complex. The only thing inferior to you is an ego stroke.

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