About Rutherford

Full Name: Rutherford P. Haze

Rutherford is the love child of a female Jimmy Hendrix impersonator and prominent politician who shall remain nameless. He can play the electric blender, the wooden spatula and will beat you in Boggle. He is a popular puppediatrician and highly sought after muppetrinarian that may have botched Gonzo’s rhinoplasty, but will deliver your baby on Sesame Street with no strings attached. He is not a member of the Electric Mayhem band, but occasionally appears backstage with the Mayhem Poets. He is a jack of no trades, but a master of puns. He is proficient in Haiku and pantoums, and winner of the Academy of American Puppet’s most coveted prize, the Sunny Day. His dream is to perform onstage at a college near you. To invite Scottt and Rutherford to your campus or ask them a question contact them at sconnettts@gmail.com.

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