Poet am I. Love words and windows open.
Creatively supreme I try and seize days,
nights, weekends and any time in between.
A pun-slinging PENaissance man who
tours internationally with the Mayhem Poets,
a dedicated teaching artist and workshop leader,
playwright, short fiction writer, author,
host and trained actor living in NYC.
Seen on stage with the Spoken Word Almanac Project (S.W.A.P),  I’ve also appeared in Buried at the Looking Glass Theater, New Street Poets, Much Ado About Nothing, Twelfth Night, and Gentleman’s Wish, along with a few commercials.
With Mayhem Poets I have toured to over 500 theaters, schools and colleges around the world including over 45 states, throughout Canada, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, England, Thailand and Israel. Hawaii? Dakotas?
All work and no wordplay make Scottt a pretty dull boy.
As is I’m always down to clown around,
red nose or not,
write songs, poems and/or commercial spots.
I enjoy collaborating with other creators in all mediums
to break up the tedium of the day giving my all
to every project along the way.
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