Sconnettt Sundays


Sample Sconnettt:

  1. 22. Thingvellir Part 1

I stand on Iceland Peter Pangea
Dam right and dam left on two continents.
Oceanic rifts that rise can be a
Nuisance of explosive incontinence.
The onslaught of too many faults to hide
We’re forced to choose sides solo or get hitched.
Above sea level thinking gets us by

Not married but engaged – tradition switched.
Nobody gets it, as to why we wait,
A rubber wedding band’s ironic fate.
Gliding apart together, we don’t break

Rolling the diverging tectonic plates.
Our love timeless, new crust slow to erupt
Wondering which volcano will blow us



Cabaret Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

Cabaret Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

Divers paid to dive poorly on purpose
or are they always striving to win?
The diver takes a dive and it’s worthless,
without water, is it worth jumping in?
How are you supposed to get your feet wet
if there’s nothing but concrete beneath you?
Don’t wait for rain, make a splash to cheat Death,
drill a hole in the floor if you have to
and squeeze through to irrigate your wildest.
Freestyle the gene pool with what you love,
sprinkle seeds to grow, but stay childish
or water will become thicker than blood.
Believe, breed, breathe deeply – think from within.
Crack your head open, sink or swim – dive in!

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