Sconnettts is an award-winning collection of poems by Scottt Raven reflecting on his relationships over the past fifteen years. The poems include heartfelt reflections on romantic love, unrequited love, and self-love. There are also poems centered around TV shows, sports, family, and action-movie-stars.

“It’s pop-culture in pentameter.”


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What other people are saying about Sconnettts:

“Complex, contemporary, literary, full of puzzles. Four stars.” – Jim Bennet, Kindle Book Review

 “Loved the poems, a good read.” Book Goodies

 “Awesome Book.”-L for Latino, Stand-Up Comic”

 “I haven’t read it yet.” -Scott’s Fiance

 “Even better the second time through. I’m picking up more and more with each read.” -D, HBO Def Poet

 “I highly recommend this book to fans of poetry, movies and love.”-Readitnow

 “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Promoting my own collection of poems
@sconnettts there are 51 in tow.
Scottt Raven’s sonnets, there’s no place like homes,
Still have 100 and 3 more to go.
If more than 40 characters used here
Twitter can’t yellow brick messages heard
Only a Dorothy click will they appear
Near the twelve-hundred plus this word wizard
Put in his plays behind the stage curtain.
Lollipop the cork, let us celebrate.
Ebook is also here, it is certain,
All this work will stay hidden if you wait.
Shake heartbreak, fear and no brain, I entreat:
Every fan please pass this on and retweet. E-book available for instant download.

Cover Image by Yuriy Fialko. Raven Logo by Kassie McKay.
All Poems by Scott Raven Tarazevits
All poems and images Copyright 2013

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